Lorelee Thurman

Lorelee Thurman;

Hillsboro Absolutely epic!! Ok, so, this is how it all started,…Day One, straight outta the plane and into the “think tank”. We were going over how to do proper in-depth threat assessments with Matthew Parker, CEO/President of ISA, who put this entire course altogether and was doing a fabulous job by the way, and then at some point along the way, I suddenly saw Joe Autera, CEO/President of VDI, on the screen going over vehicle dynamics and how that all fits into executive protection details. He is amazing!! It’s the only course I’d ever recommend for driving techniques. It was nice to see him again! Scanning the room, who do I see? Ron Sable, former SOF Green Beret and my classmate from Eric Parker’s, #SelectInternational (PDS0416). Gotcha. LOL! But of course, there was a few graduates of Select International there.


Zambrów The CEO/President and sponsor of the event, Chris Coleman, of Red 5 Security, was also a guest speaker. He was CAT Team Trainer for the CIA and a former FBI agent. Unbelievable start to a great week ahead from Day One and Two in a room full of heavy hitters and industry leaders. But, little did I know, there was so much more to come. Just wow.

buy prednisone without I believe this was Day 3 when we were going over formations, cover/evac, attacks, mission planning, motorcades, more threat assessments and intel gathering. More group assignments that seemed impossible to complete. Out on the field most of the day in 28-degree weather. And of course, nothing is as it seems and then just when you thought you got a handle on things, everything switches last minute. Surprise! Kinda like what really happens in real time security details. ? The drills were challenging, timed, and repeated until completed correctly by everyone. It was nice to see Carl, former US Secret Service, of Red 5 Security again and hear his story. I haven’t seen him since the IPSB 2017 Close Protection Conference in Las Vegas. Loved the question/answer session! He is a world of knowledge. But overall, the day was intense, thought-provoking, and at times, physically demanding. It’s a 511 cargo pants kinda day, and it’s best to leave the heels at home for this one. Great day! Thank you, Matthew Parker!