Samuel R. Ingram III

Samuel R. Ingram III

It was a privilege to learn under the tutelage of Matthew Parker and now be considered an alum of an accredited course such as Independent Security Advisors Dignitary Protection Studies Program. The amount of information taught and conveyed in just one day of instruction equals out to what others stretch out for an entire course week, no exaggeration!! Now multiply that by seven days and you have this course.

There were many lessons in every single objective. This course will break you down and build you right back up. The think tank style of instruction and course setup challenged the entire class to work together through adversity, sometimes aggression, real-life stress, mental/physical fatigue and sleep deprivation.

The past week’s curriculum and coursework were overloaded with real-life threat assessments, risk mitigation skill building, practical and detailed advancing/site surveys, mission planning and operations, drone surveillance applications, formations, motorcade work, AOP drills, fence line drills, and practical OSINT applications.

I’m appreciative of the skills that were honed, the relationships that were garnered, and the knowledge that was consumed. I can’t speak any higher of the instruction or course. Truly and wholeheartedly my best training experience, yet.

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