Charles Reinhold @ 03/22/2018 11:04

You will not find a better training program than Independent Security Advisors! Having taken the initial 7 Day Dignitary & Executive Protection course years ago, observed multiple training sessions, and gone through refresher training with ISA, I have found improvements made each year that enable the practitioner to remain up to date on current and emerging threats, tactics, techniques, and procedures. Mr. Parker and his team bring in multiple subject matter experts, and guests from multiple disciplines including: Technical Surveillance/Technical Surveillance Counter Measures; Unmanned Arial Surveillance (UAS) offensive and defensive use; and many more. His student body and alumni consist of Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement, Inter-agency, as well as corporate, and private security; each of whom add to each class from their unique perspectives, and offer unmatched networking opportunities. I will definitely take advantage of as many training opportunities offered by ISA as possible.

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