Prince George’s Community College’s Public Safety and Security Institute Partners with the ISA Training Division

 Independent Security Advisors LLC @ISA is honored to announce its partnership with the Prince George’s Community College’s Public Safety and Security Institute & Police Academy of Maryland to bring fully accredited and law enforcement approved Dignitary & Executive Protection training to members of the law enforcement community and those in the commercial security industry and to private investigators.  

 This course will take place November 4th to the 10th on the campus of Prince George’s Community College in Largo Maryland. And besides the fully vetted, highly experienced and law enforcement or Dept of Defense protection specialists and certified instructors of ISA, we are expecting special guests from federal and state law enforcement, the executive protection industry and from companies such as Conflict International, Red Five Security, and Capital One among others.  

 Now, why are we so honored to be working with this institution of higher learning? Because we had to earn this privilege through the long and costly process of getting our program accredited. Because we spent countless hours and resources building a standardized training program around the best practices of the day and further refined it for state and local law enforcement and the executive protection industry. 


The ISA EP training program of today is the result of our team conducting thousands of hours of site visits, interviews with program managers and instructors, and researching the current standards for similar training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC), the military academy of Ft. Leonard Wood, the UK’s SIA and of course the US Secret Service. 

And all that had to be balanced against the training needs of our students coming from local law enforcement and the commercial EP and security industry. Eight years of student feedback, instructor evaluations, recommendations, and curriculum adjustments to ensure we meet or exceed state training and regulatory requirements has paid off. 

Training for November includes:

  • Threat assessments and risk mitigation, including the threat factors from human behavior and bias.
    Advance work and site assessments, including physical security measures, movement, and operational planning. Some of the locations we will visit include airports, hotels, entertainment venues, and emergency centers. 
    Surveillance detection and counter-surveillance, including the cycle of attack, electronic and human surveillance methods, and cyber intrusion.
    Introduction to daily operations, including, vehicle and foot arrival and departure procedures, site security measures, travel planning, introduction to vehicle movement procedures and react to emergency or threat situations.
    Introduction to detail communications, emergency medical planning and response.
    Mission operational planning, introduction to the use of drones in EP and the threat of terrorism

We hope to see you in November and if you would like additional information on our training programs please visit

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