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High-Quality Training, Big Time Savings, and Convenience

 So your organization has a need or a requirement for specialized training, but budgets and current operations leave few resources or more impotently time to address those training needs. So you wait and wait until you’re out of time and you find the costs have gone up. There is a solution.  

 Training Standards: ISA mobile training teams staffed by master instructors will bring fully accredited training to your classroom or facility at a reasonable cost point. That’s because our programs were designed to be mobile and very self-sufficient. There is no reduction in the quality of the training because our mobile teams follow the same curriculum, lesson plans, and standards. Students don’t receive a “watered down ” version of a course, because our instructors are fully prepared to conduct training under any conditions, situations or locations. 

Accreditation: For federal, state or other official organizations and agency’s, our program managers will make every effort to ensure your training is accredited, approved or accepted by the regulatory authority you fall under. ISA programs may already be approved under current reciprocity agreements between other regulatory authority’s.       

Starting New or Rebuilding: For agency’s and organizations establishing an executive protection team or restaffing an old detail with new agents, ISA mobile training teams can integrate the locations where you normally operate and conduct training under the same conditions such as the time of day. But we will also take your existing standard operating procedures, equipment, and manning levels and replicate your current operations. New agents will learn from your current playbook and ISA instructors may be able to assist with updates to your SOPs.    

Costs: But while the training is the same, the cost to your organization is greatly reduced, and many organizations have been able to train additional staff with the savings.

Consider the following expenses:
1. Lodging: Your staff sleep in their own beds, no lodging costs or additional hotel expenses like laundry or room service 
2. Meals: Brown bag lunch and late dinner at home. No Per Diem rates, no costs to the agency or organization
3. Transportation: We come to you, your staff have no additional travel expenses, no lost bags, no canceled flights, no long drives and no rental vehicles

Overtime: There are some issues with students falling under overtime restrictions because for some of our courses the training day is 10 hours. For departments or agency’s limited to a 40 hour week, or 8 hour day, we can extend the course a few days, those students can be released from training early and not receive full credit for training, or we can conduct a 40 hour condensed program. Standards are the same, but some course material is moved to an online format.      

To Sponsor or Host an ISA Program: 

 ISA teams will need the following support:

A classroom big enough for the number of students attending training
Tables and chairs
Parking for our instructors and the students 

ISA training cadre brings all other materials needed for classroom instruction and will coordinate for local logistical support and role players. 

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