ISA Welcomes Training Auditors to the March Executive Protection Course in Maryland

buy Pregabalin powder Training auditors, is this really something to be happy about? 

Well if you’re the ISA training team of instructors, course designers, the ISD team, and most importantly the students then heck yes this is a good thing. As an accredited program we are already audited by state regulatory agencies, but this is another opportunity to see how we are meeting our responsibilities to the students and learn from our peers in the industry.

So please allow us to introduce you to three of our confirmed auditors for the March 22-28 Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Training Course being conducted from the MGM Grand Security Departments training center Oxon Hill Maryland. David Hopp, PPS, LPI

The Founder and President of Centennial Protection Group security and investigative firm, Dave opened CPG in March 2013 and they have gone on to provide services to Fortune 500 companies, Government, high net worth families, retail, residential, and leading law firms in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia areas.

 But Mr. Hopp’s success doesn’t begin or end with his company; Mr. Hopp is also a US Marine Corps Veteran and a former Captain with over 26 years of service with the Maryland State Police.

 Joining the State Police August 1986, by the date of his retirement he amassed over 24 years of command or supervisory experience with assignments as the former commander of the Forensic Sciences Division for the Operational Services Branch, as the Security Manager for 3 forensic science laboratories, and 13 regional crime scene investigation labs, buy esbriet without prescription and service on protection teams that provided political and dignitary protection support.

His experiences with the US Military and State Police don’t always guarantee success in the private security sector, but Mr. Hopp has taken his years of law enforcement experience and has been successful.

We look forward to his feedback and observations on the specific training students will receive on protective operations for elected officials, and how we have prepared and conducted this training for our law enforcement students.   


Natchez Brandon Shafikhani, PPS, CPO

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Samaritan Protective Services established in 2015, Mr. Shafikhani is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran with extensive experience in risk management, domestic & global protective operations, and intelligence.

An experienced Protection Specialist, Mr. Shafikhani has served as the detail leader for high-profile security operations and overseen close protection operations for Fortune 100 organizations, royal family’s, international diplomats, and high net-worth private individuals and families globally.

A trained and certified NREMT EMT-B, registered Armed Personal Protection Specialist (PPS), Private Investigator, and registered General and Firearms Instructor, Mr. Shafikhani also holds an associate’s Degree in Counterterrorism Studies with American Military University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security from American Military University.

His industry credentials include Certified Protection Officer (IFPO), Virginia DCJS Personal Protection Specialist, and membership in the American Society For Industrial Security (ASIS) and the International Foundation For Protection Officers (IFPO).

As a protective services provider and company owner, we look forward to his observations and feedback on the material we are teaching to the new agents just entering the industry as well as those seeking formalized training and credentials. His advice on entering the EP industry from both the agent and business owner is definitely a plus and a great learning opportunity for the students.

Matt Parker

A US Military Veteran, Matt is currently a Curriculum and Training Specialist (Security SME). at Alutiiq Technical Services, LLC. (DHS) TS/SCI.  

 A former Defensive Tactics Instructor with the department of State High Threat Training Branch he specialized in multiple disciplines including Diplomatic Protection, Emergency Medical Care, Mission Planning, Risk Management, Security Awareness & Threat Management, Surveillance and Surveillance Detection, and Counter-Terrorism.

But Mr. Parker’s experience also includes assignments with Triple Canopy at the US Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq as a Shift Leader and part of the Ambassador’s detail, Advance team, and Tactical Operation Center: Operations Chief

Mr. Parker’s training also includes graduating from the Dept of Homeland Security Exercise Design and Development Course, Department of State WPPS II, High Threat Protection Operations Course, US Army Airborne School, USMC Amphibious Reconnaissance School, USMC Basic Scout Sniper Course, and the Worldwide Protective Security (WPS) High Threat Operations Course.

Having Mr. Parker audit training with us this March is an outstanding opportunity to see how the evolution and design of our program look to an outside training specialist with direct experience as both a trainer and an operator.


It bears repeating, all three of these training auditors have served this nation, the people of their states, or communities and now they are well-respected members of the security and executive protection industry.

We are extremely proud and honored to announce they will be auditing the March 22-28 ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Course being conducted from the MGM Grand Security Department training center in Oxon Hill Maryland.

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