ISA House of Worship Security Program Coexist Scholarship

Coexist Training Scholarship

where to purchase accutane online  The Independent Security Advisors House of Worship Security Program is proud to extend the coexist scholarship available to House of Worship Safety and Security volunteers and employees.

Each $1000 scholarship will be awarded to verified security personal to attend any ISA executive protection or house of worship security training course.

  With the rising level of violence directed towards the clergy, house of worship staff and congregation members, as well as the increasing cases of vandalism and arson, the ISA house of worship security team has decided to fund these scholarships hoping every house of worship with the need or desire to have at least one security specialist on hand will now be in a position to recruit them and afford their training.

 Please contact us at 315-486-7854 or for more information. Training courses can be found on the ISA training division web site at and additional information about the @ISA house of worship program is available at

Houses of worship should be the safest places on Earth; sadly, they are not. Every day, across the United States, they are victimized by criminal occurrences. 
William S. Carcara, Chief of Police (Retired), Jefferson County, Kentucky

purchase provigil online Quick Facts: From January 1, 1999, through October 27th, 2018 there have been no fewer than 1,716 violent incidents, including 18 fatal houses of worship shootings.

Jalālābad Since 2012 In addition to Christian churches, fatal shootings have happened at a Benedictine monastery, a Sikh temple, an Amish school, and a Jewish temple. And the number of violent incidents that are taking place on the grounds of churches and other faith-based facilities nationwide is increasing.

Case Study; Attacks on Houses of Faith  (Click on image)

Burnette Chapel Church of Christ
First Baptist Sutherland Springs
Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue
Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center







“Ministers and other religious leaders occupy a unique position in their members’ lives. Often they are revered, respected, and honored. Other times they are judged harshly for some individual shortcomings or are seen as the individuals responsible for an adverse event in either a member’s life or in the organization as a whole”. 

 “Ministers and other religious leaders have the right to conduct their ministries without fear, to live safely, and to enjoy their lives without undue anxiety”. 

William S. Carcara, Chief of Police (Retired), Jefferson County, Kentucky

Case Study; Attacks on Clergy  (Click on image)

Imam Alauddin Akonjee
Pastor Tamarkus Cook
Father William Graney
The Rev. Norman Hayes







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