ISA February 2024 EP Training Course Hosted by Capitol Special Patrol of Charlotte North Carolina.

 Independent Security Advisers is honored to announce our February 2024 PPSB-approved executive protection training course will be hosted by Capitol Special Patrol of Charlotte North Carolina.

 Given this executive protection training course is focused on the protection of public officials and candidates for office, working with this highly respected security services provider made sense.  

 Why? Well in their mission statement, the company which began in October 2005 points out “Local police and sheriff departments are overwhelmed with calls and they are busy responding to them”.  They recognize law enforcement is understaffed, budgets are under attack, and the private security sector needs to step up to support their community.  

The President of Capitol Special Patrol  Roy G. Taylor, Ph.D (C) says in his introduction they keep their clients safe to “conduct your business and enjoy life in a secure and crime-free environment”. This is almost a word-for-word mission statement of an EP agent.

 In addition, CSP provides the required armed security course for EP agents and other security professionals to carry in North Carolina. This training will be available at the completion of this EP program.

To learn more about CSP visit 

 The ISA executive protection training course February 26 to March 3rd, 2024 was originally designed for law enforcement to prepare officers to provide close protection to public officials in response to the January 8, 2011, assassination attempt of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Gifford. However the syllabus was updated after the events of January 6th, and with every Department of Homeland Security Bulletin or other intelligence or law enforcement update, an emphasis is placed on further improving the program to address the critical basic and advanced foundations of protection.

 Since 2011 ISA has been training local and state law enforcement in close protection, and one of the loudest supporters and proponents of the private sector working alongside law enforcement for the protection of public officials. 


 The Task Force 1-6 Capitol Security Review overseen by Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré recommended improvements for the security of federal elected officials, but those recommendations seem to have fallen on deaf ears, and Members of Congress still lack the security required in their districts to safeguard our democracy. 

After two assassination attempts on members of Congress, a home invasion, and an assault on the spouse of the Speaker of the House we are still discussing improving security measures.

Many elected officials have turned to the private sector for their security and close protection, with the costs exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


executive protection training course

To make matters worse at the local level we have seen increased threats to school boards, elections, and health officials over curriculums, conspiracy theories, masks, and vaccinations. Mayors and county officials have resigned or declined to run for reelection due to threats and others have experienced violence and damage to homes and offices.

With the 2024 Election cycle just getting started these threats will increase according to the Dept of Homeland Security and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

To address the training shortfalls for local and state law enforcement and the private sector to provide close protection to public officials, the ISA training program is approved by the:


  • Virginia Department of Criminal Justice
  • North Carolina DPS / PPSB
  • Maryland Police Training Commission
  • South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
  • Georgia POST
  • New Hampshire POST

  Standards make a difference.

 The ISA training program follows the strict requirements of the Federal Law  Enforcement Training Accreditation Agencies (FLETA) Accreditation Board.