ISA Executive Protection Training Sponsored by Raven Rock Investigations

The @ISA instructors, guest speakers, and role players of class 08/23 want to thank the Raven Rock Investigations team for sponsoring the ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection Training Course Aug 17th to Aug 23rd, 2020 in Salisbury North Carolina.

 It was an excellent group of students with a wide range of experiences and previous training who each added something unique to the class. Private investigators & EP agents from North Carolina, Virginia, Kansas, and Florida who attended training ranged in age from 22 to well let’s just say older than 22. And although they came from across the country, these students were able to quickly form into a group all working together for one goal, learning the material, demonstrating their abilities to carry out protective operations, and graduating together.     

 Guests, SME’s & role-players included US Army Command Sergeant Major George Conklin, former North Carolina Trooper and EP agent Kevin Bray, the owner of Suitman USA (Via Call-in) Mr. Stewart Altschuler, the owner of Raven Rock Investigations Mr. Carl Dangerfield and his team of Mr. Sam Henline and Ms. Melody Reisen. It’s not every day you have both military and law enforcement SME’s available, but CSM Conklin and Mr. Bray did more than just observe and give advice, they both took part in training as role players, evaluators and made contributions to the student’s mission planning and after-action review sessions. 

 Starting with a 12 hour day and moving fast students had classroom instruction, numerous practical exercises, team exercises, hands-on training, and field training followed by a live capstone evaluation and written exam. They also managed to complete CPR, AED, and first aid certification as well as to prepare and give team and operations level mission briefs under the observation of an Army Command Sergeant Major.  

 Having lost 4 students during the week, some before class even started on Monday, and then subjected to various levels of mental and physical stress, this group came together and accomplished their training goals in a manner that says volumes about their professionalism and ability to adjust and overcome to new challenges as they are presented. Several changes in Leadership, schedules, clients, threats, logistical support, and terrible communication all came at the students over seven days. Long days starting at 0800 and ending 9-12 hours later with another hour or two of homework, and this was after late lunches, and an erratic break schedule for hours on end.    

 Students took part in legal, ethical, and threat assessment training with a great deal of time being spent on emotional triggers and behavior. Discussions included politics, religion, race, the second amendment, and other social hot button topics that can turn someone or an organization into a threat directed at our clients. Nothing was off-limits and we pushed tempers and belief systems to the breaking point until students realized if you’re getting upset in an educational setting what do you think someone is feeling out on the street.     

  This class also took part in non-visual cue training where students reacted to unseen gunfire and each agent was required to conduct an action on principle (AOP) drill using their other senses to determine the direction of the threat. Some agents were additionally handicapped by having to wear chemical protective masks further limiting their vision and hearing as well as their ability to communicate.    

  If that wasn’t enough, this class and ISA as part of its community outreach effort raised $760.00 and donated school supplies to Communities in Schools a national 501C3 but this chapter is focused locally. 

In all, a very high paced class with a special group of students.  And we would be remiss if we didn’t thank the Rowan County Rescue Squad for hosting the class.

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