ISA Adds Another Instructor and Expands Into Europe

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 Since March  2022 it’s been no secret the CEO of Independent Security Advisors LLC Mr. Matthew Parker has been on a leave of absence and serving with the International Legion of Ukraine in their fight against the Russians. First on the front lines, and then taking on a training leadership role within the Legion, thus Mr. Parker’s sole focus has been on the fight in Ukraine. 
 But luckily he has not lost his ability to recognize talent and new opportunities, because Independent Security Advisors LLC is proud to announce Vadim Shivilov, the owner of Vadim Tactical Training of Warsaw Poland has joined ISA as our newest adjunct instructor, range master, and European office manager.
Not a Typical Instructor: (His video Introduction)
 Since its beginning, ISA has only recruited and retained vetted and proven subject matter experts, and fully certified instructors with years of real-world experience. Vadim follows in that tradition bringing his years as a former special detachment operator of the KGB counter-terrorist unit Group “A” (Alfa) with the Republic of Belarus.
 Vadim brings his skills and experience to include sniper-scout and his service as a member of a group specializing in conducting covert special operations. During his period of service, he studied at the postgraduate course of the KGB National Security Institute with a dissertation on the “Organization and tactics of combating illegal armed formations/sabotage and reconnaissance formations of the potential enemy in a special period and wartime”. 
 Vadim was also assigned as an instructor and training program developer of his organization’s combat training program, of which, many elements are still used to the present day which is a testimony of his training and instructor acumen.
 Subsequently, on leaving national service, he worked in the private military services sector as an instructor training operative working with special units for different African countries, and he was responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting special events for various special units of these African states.
 He has extensive combat experience and is a specialist in tactics, and conducting non-traditional forms of armed struggle. In 2017, he took part in an exchange program for instructors in Jordan with the KASOTC – Training Center for the Special Forces named after King Abdullah II of Jordan. 
Other experiences include:
  1. Master instructor in sports gymnastics
  2. Winner of multiple competitions within the special forces community of the CIS countries (obstacle course, hand-to-hand combat, tactical pistol shooting) and sniper shooting (third personal place among snipers of special units of the state security bodies of the CIS 2001)
  3. Airborne qualified and free fall and (BASE jumping specialization)
  4. Deep diving qualified (maximum depth of a personal autonomous dive is 152 meters of seawater)
  5. Instructor certificate from the International Association of Technical Diving
  6. Executive Protection Training
Currently working as an individual instructor in the field of Combat Shooting techniques and special-tactics training for his own company and ISA. he may be contacted via e-mail at Vadim Shivilov <[email protected]>
 Initially looking at his experience and training you would not think he has the required direct experience in close protection to be a good fit. But he is not being retained for EP instruction. No Mr. Shivilov brings to ISA the experience and training of the assassin and the sniper. While our job is to protect, let’s be honest, as a former KGB operative his job was to eliminate a target.
 “Can you think of a better instructor to have on a close protection training team than the enemy himself.”
Matthew Parker, CEO, ISA  July 2022
 So we are extremely pleased to have this opportunity to learn from Mr. Shivilov and put our training and tactics to the test against him.  In addition, ISA now has two world-class weapons and marksmanship instructors in Mr. Reinhold and Mr. Shivilov, allowing us to further improve, expand and refine our use of force training.
But there is more…..
IKEM Tactical Training (Web site)
 In addition to Mr. Shivilov, ISA is proud to announce the added bonus of a new partnership with Poland-based IKEM Tactical Training and their extensive training facilities. ISA will now offer joint training programs with Vadim and IKEM in the United States, as well as in Poland, where ISA students will experience real-world training and scenarios without the limitations many experience in training facilities within the United States. 
The Benifets
 Imaging doing advanced executive protection in real-time exercises on the streets of a European city. Can you find the hotel? Can you communicate with the local population, and find safe places and secure sites? Can you drive, navigate or even get fuel without getting lost?
 Foreign currency, local laws and regulations, coordination with host agencies, coordinating with the embassy, and finding local agents to fill out your team. All these things come into play and challenge the EP student.
Consider this 
Travel, lodging, meals, medical training, protective operations weapon training, drivers training, and 24-hour EP operations are all available in one package with ISA, Mr. Shivilov, and IKEM Tactical Training. Or of course, you could attend a class on “advanced EP” in a US classroom without any of these challenges. 
 As much as the staff and cadre of ISA would like to see Mr. Parker return, and we do expect he will be back in time for the Executive Protection training course in Maryland September 19th-25th, 2022, this addition to our team of Mr. Shivilov and IKEM Tactical Training is a welcome development.
Questions on our new Poland-based training courses should be referred to [email protected] or visit our website over the next few days and weeks as the schedule is updated.
#executiveprotectiontraining; executive protection training