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Schwerin Mobile: 240-425-7069

 Mr. Dallas joins ISA as the new Metro DC regional operations manager and will be responsible for marketing, business management, and staffing of the ISA Private Investigations and EP operations teams. As with all our area managers, Mr. Dallas will only be as successful as his team, and the time he puts into the position allows. Given his outstanding history of success, we expect to see Mr. Dallas a full member of the executive team with ISA soon.   

  Mr. Dallas has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is an ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course graduate, currently pending receipt of his Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protection Specialist credentials and his private investigator license in Maryland.

Haßloch Long Term Goals

  • Perform up to 20 years of Military Service
  • Work in Federal Law Enforcement, pursuing a career within the forensic field
  • Gain experience and make connections as a reliable Executive Protection Agent

“I took this opportunity provided by Matthew Parker because he and other associates saw potential in me. I’m hoping that by taking on this role not only do I perform my duties/responsibilities, but make a reputation within this industry and continue to grow professionally as many people believe I can”.