Kevin Brey

Adjunct Instructor Mr. Kevin Brey

 Mr. Kevin Brey officially joined the Independent Security Advisors Training Division as an adjunct instructor with the executive protection training course in March 2022, months after his first serving as a guest speaker, assistant instructor and role player.

 A ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection course graduate Mr. Brey also brings his 27 years with North Carolina State Highway Patrol, where he served at the ranks of Trooper, Sergeant and First Sergeant, and with him comes his executive protection experience with North Carolina’s Governor and Lieutenant Governor details.

 A licensed Private Investigator through the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board, he is also a licensed Armed Personal Protection Specialist through Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS ID #99-589675 – Issued January 2019). 

 Kevin like all ISA instructors is certified as an instructor, in Mr. Bray’s case he has a Criminal Justice Instructor certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, and he served as an instructor in the North Carolina State Highway Patrol’s Training Academy.

 He is the owner of Archangels Shield, LLC  a North Carolina licensed private investigations and security agency serving the Lake Norman region of North Carolina. He provides services in security and executive protection, as well as investigative services in the areas of motor vehicle crash reconstruction, due diligence, civil litigation support and employment background screenings.

 In 2014, Mr. Bray’s retirement was followed by volunteer service to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department in Asheville, NC, where he served with a community policing squad. He resigned from this position in 2017 to pursue the private investigator’s license he now holds from the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board under the authority of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.


 Mr. Brey has a Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology, Clemson University, 1982 and is a graduate of the Administrative Officers Management Program, NC State University, 2001.

• North Carolina Criminal Justice Instructor
• North Carolina State Highway Patrol Executive Protection
• NC PPS Concealed Weapon Permit under NC General Statute 74C-13 • HR-218/LEOSA Concealed Handgun Permit (18 USC § 926B)
• NC Concealed Handgun Permit (NC GS 14-415.11)
• Dignitary Protection Specialist (Independent Security Advisors, Largo, MD)
• Israeli Tactical Training – Prevention, Response, Recovery (IMI Academy, Aventura, FL)

Mobile: (704) 662-2379