Historic Barber-Scotia College Hosts the ISA Executive Protection Training Course Class 08-18

 In August 2019 the Independent Security Advisors Training Division walked back in time and into history when it conducted its accredited Dignitary & Executive Protection Specialist course on the historic campus of Barber-Scotia College in Concord North Carolina.

 Founded in January 1867, it was the first historically black female institution of higher education established after the American Civil War.  So with this rich history, the @ISA staff was excited to bring our training program to their campus. #executiveprotectiontraining

Students arrived on Sunday the 11th of August to sign for room keys and to move into the dorms. Each dorm apartment had 4 bedrooms, each with a restroom and shower, a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and a living area.  College staff and a cleaning team had spent all weekend preparing these apartments for the students since they had mostly remained empty over recent years with some limited exceptions.

The first day of training took place in Faith Hall, built-in 1891, it was the first dormitory on campus and is listed in National Register of Historic Places. One of only four 19th-century institutional buildings left in Cabarrus County. It was closed by the college during the 1970s due to lack of funds for its maintenance but has since seen some renovations and modernization.

The chapel served as the backdrop for the first day’s classes on physical security and threat assessments with special attention being paid to house of worship security. The historic nature of the location of the classroom was fitting as this was also the first day of Conflict Internationals sponsorship of an ISA training program, and only the second program under which the course was partnered with the World Institute of Security Enhancement Protective Studies Department. 

On day two students moved to a more modern classroom in the campus library for the rest of the course, but here too we were surrounded by a time capsule as the library like the main college itself has not been in full use since June 24, 2004, after the college learned that it had lost its accreditation. Enrollment dropped from 600 students in 2004 to 91 students in 2005 and on-campus housing was closed.

The class went as expected all week with students putting their training to use doing formations, team communication drills, and advances and site surveys of the student union building. A modern three-floor facility with a dining facility, classrooms, administrative offices, etc.

Students planned and rehearsed arrivals and departures with various threat assessments and scenarios and planned operations using multiple entrances and exits from the front and side doors to the loading docks and coming through the kitchen.

Off-campus, students conducted tours of the Concord private airport and met with the manager to discuss security arrangements and standard operational procedures. Students then had a tour and operational briefing from the manager of a major hotel as if they were going to have a VIP stay at the hotel, and that was followed by an advance of the convention center and an operational briefing by the center operations manager.

Students also had a rolling class on route procedures, introduction to motorcade operations and emergency planning when one of our vehicles experienced a severe “overheating and loss of power” scenario.

 Barber-Scotia College sits right in the center of a great training environment that includes the Charlotte speedway, various entertainment venues, and almost unlimited training opportunities and scenarios. And the students of class 08-18 spent a great deal of time on the road and taking part in exercises in this environment.

 Unfortunately, although Barber-Scotia offers four-degree programs in Business, Religious Studies, Sports Management and in Bio-Energy the school was forced to close for the Spring Semester of the 2015–2016 academic year to restructure and In September 2016, only had twelve students enrolled.

In February 2018  trustees said they couldn’t offer federal financial aid and the college owed millions, and though the North Carolina Department of Education did validate the degree programs, on March 16, 2019, the college’s alumni association held a meeting about the college’s future and at that time it was reported the college was holding no classes.

 Until the college receives a large influx of funding and new leadership it continues to limp along almost completely unused except by the occasional use of its classrooms by law enforcement, various agencies and private companies like ISA.

This was an outstanding opportunity to train on a historic campus in a fantastic location and we are thankful to the college for hosting us. We wish them success in the future and hope if they restore the student union building back into full operation we will have another opportunity to conduct training.


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