Guest speaker from the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium

ISA is proud to announce we have added another world-class guest speaker to the Dignitary & Executive Protection Training Program hosted by George Mason University and sponsored by Red Five Security.

 Mr. David D. Snepp, a senior advisor, with the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium will join us Monday, March 12th, at 1100 to discuss domestic terrorism and extremism.

 Mr. Snepp serves as a Counterterrorism Planner to the U.S. Special Operations Command Joint Special Operations University and as a member of the Interagency Team, U.S. Army Mission Command Training Program. In addition, he provides executive counsel to various government and non-government entities on countering violent extremism programming.

 His expertise includes the design, development, and implementation of social media in shaping public narratives, responding to critical events, and combating extremism. He is a lecturer on insurgent use of social media.

 Mr. Snepp served as Senior Advisor NATO-ISAF and was embedded in the Afghan government on a joint fusion cell, the Security News Coordination Center and with the U.S. Department of State as a Senior Advisor specializing in public diplomacy. He has served as the spokesperson and director of the largest press office of any U.S. Embassy worldwide and conducted senior-level engagement with U.S. military commands, federal agencies, global media, and foreign governments.

Mr. Snepp is also a former spokesperson for two U.S. senators and managed a crisis management firm for more than a decade.

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