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 When you consider attending a training program you do your due diligence, some prospective students look at costs, location, length of training or will look at reviews submitted by previous students as a means to assess whether to attend.  And all these factors should be considered, but what about the training provider, how do we evaluate our programs.

 Well, Independent Security Advisors does something a bit different, we don’t look at profit margins, class size or market share. What we look at is who are our students. We ask “why are they attending our classes”, what do they bring to the class as a whole, and what can we learn from them. Our students are a major factor in our self-assessments because the caliber of our students is a direct reflection of our program.

 Successful, confident, educated and motivated people don’t attend poor quality programs. They do their research and don’t waste money on something that won’t help them achieve their goals.  Cost is a factor of course, but the quality and the reputation of the training program and how is it received by employers or clients is of greater concern. Is the training vetted and accredited, have previous students seen success after graduating and do organizations or agencies send their employees.  

So today’s spotlight will be on the upcoming February 25th, 2019 executive protection course in Peoria Illinois and Mr. Jim Garrett.  

 Jim will join the class as both a student and as one of ISA’s newest instructor candidates and guest speakers. Mr. Garrett has served in a number of protection roles in the military, the law enforcement community, and in private security and we are honored he has decided to work with us.

 Jim served this country in the US Army with the National Guard for eleven years and held the military occupational specialty of 35F Intelligence Analyst. Jim’s assignments include all-source analyst, criminal analyst, intelligence oversight monitor, and intelligence sergeant.  Jim also served as the primary instructor and advisor in intelligence matters to five subordinate intelligence analysts, so you can guess in what topic or specialty Jim may serve as an ISA instructor.

 But Mr. Garrett has also served as an Anti-Terrorism Officer, Operations Security Officer, Assistant State Program Manager of Operations Security, and as the State of Missouri Critical Infrastructure Risk Manager.  In fact, as part of Jim’s duties, he was responsible for assessing the threats to over 60 military facilities across the state and to make recommendations intended to improve the security of over 13,000 personnel, and he worked regularly with federal, state, and local intelligence and law enforcement.  So Jim is more than an intelligence specialist, he is also a physical security adviser and anti-terrorism officer.  

 Jim finished his military career in 2018 as a Counterdrug Criminal Analyst in Springfield Missouri supporting local law enforcement. Using his military training Jim assisted detectives by conducting interviews, preparing targeting packets for Special Response Teams, conducted surveillance and open source intelligence gathering to develop target profiles. But of all Jim’s assignments and duties with law enforcement, we respect his work providing investigative support for a multiagency counter-human trafficking team the most. Jim’s efforts contributed to a multistate raid on organized crime that rescued nine victims of sex trafficking. How do you top saving nine victims of sex traffickers? 

 In 2014, Mr. Garrett was nominated for membership into the National Security Honor Society of the Order of the Sword and Shield and on June 2nd, 2014, he was inducted by the organization as a professional member in all three categories: emergency management, homeland security, and intelligence. 

 Today Jim serves as the Intelligence & Security Chief for the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Auxiliary in Mt. Vernon Missouri, and spends time as a volunteer providing intelligence analysis in the support role for other local law enforcement agencies and departments, and conducts risk assessments for community events contributing to the security planning process to increase event security.  

 Jim has followed his military and law enforcement service by moving into the private sector with armed and unarmed security assignments working on medium and high threat details for a number of companies throughout the United States and serving as a close protection specialist for VIPs, and on various workplace intervention/prevention violence details.

  Jim maintains active membership in a number of security-related organizations including International Foundation for Protection Officers, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, National Military Intelligence Association, Private Officer International, Private Security Professionals of America, and the Security Industry Association. 

 He is the author of the OPSEC Lessons in History series and his academic papers have been included in university course recommended reading lists.

 Jim holds a Bachelors of Intelligence Studies from American Military University and an Associates of Intelligence Operations Studies from Cochise College.  He is an instructor for the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE), FEMA’s Incident Command System, the Web Emergency Operations Center software, as well as the security awareness level 1 training for Operations Security and Antiterrorism.

We look forward to working with Mr. Garrett and we invite anyone who may need his particular skill sets in their own organization to visit training this month in Peoria or you can contact Jim at     (417) 229-3262 jimmy.garrett3@gmail.com 

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