Executive Protection Training (DC/Maryland/Virginia) 2019

Independent Security Advisors back home in the DC region. 

ISA is a Maryland based security company with strong ties to Washington DC and Virginia, so we always give our LEO friends, partners, and affiliates first call on all training programs before we post the next years schedule. But 2019 will be a bit different, normally we limit training to police academies and educational institutions, but in 2019 we are going to accept applications from private security companies and others who want to host an ISA training course. It’s our intent to open more seats in fully accredited training courses to non-law enforcement students in the DC region, programs normally restricted.

We will continue to conduct training for our law enforcement partners, but we hope by adding additional programs from new venues we can support those students interested in attaining the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protective Specialist credentials as well as those that need the DCJS in-service or 32 I credits. Additionally, since our program is approved in multiple states and for college credit were hopeful we can assist new EP agents to open doors and expand the locations where they can be employed.

For members of law enforcement preparing to retire or leave their departments for new opportunities, the DC region has what you’re looking for. But more than ever you need accredited training and the proper credentials, as well as a good formal education to succeed. We hope by conducting more open seating programs we can integrate those coming from a law enforcement or a military background with those interested or with some experience working in the civilian EP industry. Call it cross-pollination if you want, but these mixed classes offer both the civilian and law enforcement or military students a different perspective they can find useful when they are working an EP assignment, especially in DC and the surrounding areas.    

The first course in 2019 will be from the Anne Arundel Maryland Police Academy, June 17th to June 25th. A seven-day program with an additional two-day operational exercise.

Open to all students who meet the attendance requirements, tuition rates for these courses may not be increased from 2018 rates if reserved by November 1, 2018.  So if you’re interested in hosting any one of our courses please contact us at mparker@eptraining.us     

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