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Accredited as part of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) 32E Program
10 Hours, 14 learning Objectives

Course Description: Provides specialized training on the threats to an organization, community or person from “an inside” assailant, intelligence agent, stalker or attack. Primary students are law enforcement; private investigators, corporate risk mitigation and HR departments, executive protection agents, private and contract security guards.

This program introduces students to the threat of work place violence, corporate espionage, and organized crime with special emphasis on introducing the student to the operational methods, current operations and recruiting methods of government, corporate and private organizations attempting to change policy’s, steal information, steal or damage property.

key Topics
Corporate Espionage
Physical Security
Physical Theft Vs. Cyber Intrusion
What Is Work Place Violence
Organized Crime
Hostile Surveillance

The Inside Threat

Ver; Feb 1, 2017
(1 Day) (10 hrs.)
14 Learning objectives
1 Practical exercises
2 facilitated discussions

Download a copy of the syllabus here