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Protective Agent Surveillance Detection Course

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  • Protective Agent Surveillance Detection Course  Course Description: This program introduces the students to the critical basic skills or procedures required to recognize the elements of the attack planning process when directed against the protectee, and to conduct counter-surveillance operations.

Students are introduced to the importance, and methods of surveillance (ELINT, SIGNIT, HUMMIT) used to target and prepare an attack on the protectee, and to prepare surveillance detection & counter surveillance plans. Students will conduct CS/SD operations to support, or conduct, short-term dignitary/executive protective service operations.

  Emphasis is placed on introducing the student to the unique techniques and procedures used to counter surveillance efforts on corporate executives, elected officials, political appointees, and members of the court who may be potential targets for industrial espionage, proprietary information theft, terrorism and/or criminal acts.

randki w nottingham Protective Agent Surveillance Detection Course Ver; Jan 1, 2017

 40+ Hours

3 Terminal Learning Objectives (10 ELOs)

5 Practical Exercises (15 Objectives)

Live Capstone

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Reviews can be found on the home page.