EP Training – Financial or Time Constraints – the Answer.

Anthony Troeger reminds us “training is not, and never should be, a one-and-done thing”

 In a great post by Anthony Troeger written January 31st, 2024 the same day of our venting about minimum executive protection training standards written by ISA CEO Matthew Parker, Mr. Troeger correctly points out many new agents to the EP industry “maybe due to financial or time restrictions at a moment in time, you can only manage to get the minimum training, especially when starting down a new career path”

 His point is well made; many with the motivation and desire to join the EP industry may be forced at no fault of their own to settle for minimum training due to financial limitations. Basically it’s all they can afford. And it’s no wonder, the tuition to attend training can be in the $3000-$4000 or more dollar range for a five or seven day program, which in itself is almost as bad as the price of gas or food.

Executive Protection Training: Financial Concerns

 But as one training provider told us, why damage his brand by offering reductions in tuition for veterans. After all, your program is only as good as its cost to attend. Well (Snarky comment) thats BS and you can take your Starbucks prices and your “brand” and place them strategically where they belong.  Of course sadly, they are correct, many will see the cost and assume its better training and go into debt that was avoidable.     

 It’s for the above reasons Mr. Troeger is absolutely correct, financial means is a major concern for many coming into the industry, who can afford it.  He also points out that “training is not, and never should be, a one-and-done thing”.  So if anything else is taken from his post it should be you’re not done training just because you have a certification. You can always get better, learn something new and grow your understanding of a topic or procedure. 

Who are we talking about?

Veterans transitioning from the service to the civilian sector often think the best option is using the GI Bill for their training, unfortunately they soon discover many training providers will max out their costs to take every last dollar of your GI Bill leaving you with no funds for a higher level of education many employers will want in an employee.

 So what do you do when you’re out of the military, need a state license or certification for work?  

For those leaving law enforcement or currently employed in private security the costs for the training and state certification for a license may compete with the daily costs of a supporting a family. So how do they make the jump to the civilian EP industry and still pay their bills?


 The CEO of Independent Security Advisors is a 22 year veteran of the US Army, so these problems are well known, and it is why for these reasons when the ISA EP training programs were being designed we determined to make them affordable.

 Currently the full seven day accredited program retail is $2,300.00, but join the International Foundation of Protection Officers https://ifpo.org/ and receive an immediate $1000.00 discount.  Joining the IFPO can help with networking and provide access to some of the additional training Mr. Troeger talks about.

 For our veterans, and law enforcement the tuition rate for this program is only $1150.00 with a valid DD214, LE Credentials and honorable service. Save your GI Bill for your bachelor’s degree  or other higher education. With group rates tuition may be reduced even more, and this is available for civilians, IFPO members and veterans/LE.

Training Opportunities

ISA has our next accredited EP training course February 26-March 3rd, 2024 in Charlotte North Carolina, followed by a class in Maryland at the Prince Georges County College and police training academy March 11th to the 17th, 2024.

Take advantage of the tuition reductions, group rates and the opportunity to get your North Carolina, and Virginia state credentials. Save for the continuing education we all need in our careers and stay out of debt early.

Feel free to contact us for more information at [email protected]  or visit the web site at www.eptraining.us 

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