Dignitary & Executive Protection Training November 2020

The headlines: Plot to Kidnap Michigan and Virginia Governors; Threat to Local Mayor; Extremists Target Elected Officials Over Covid 19 Restrictions  

 Today these headlines are not part of the title of a new movie premiere, instead, they are apart of a growing trend of increasing threats of violence towards public officials and candidates for office.  Debate and political discourse in the United States have been replaced with conspiracy theories, extreme positions to the left and right, and a concerted effort to demonize those who disagree with our positions or policies.    

 In the streets of America, extremist organizations like ANTIFA and White Supremacists have replaced peaceful protests with burning cars, looting, and violence. And within these organizations is a core group of those willing to take even more violent action towards police, elected officials, and anyone they perceive to be against them and their beliefs. Some of these violent actors have called for “civil war” and see themselves as some type of freedom fighter or born again revolutionary. 

  But don’t think this is a new phenomena, over the years these organizations have come and gone, and then reappeared with a new generation of members or followers with even more extreme beliefs. The difference today is we have elected officials who embrace these groups and often make excuses for their levels of violence. What’s more, these same officials will use such inflammatory and inciteful language directed towards a political rival that these groups feel empowered to target them. 

 After the June 2017 shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and other Republican lawmakers during baseball practice House Sergeant-At-Arms Paul Irving reported that in the first six months of 2017, the Capitol Police investigated more than 900 different threats to lawmakers and those numbers continue to rise. So what to do about it?


In 2011 after the January 11th attempted assassination of Representative Giffords, Independent Security Advisors designed a dignitary protection course for local law enforcement in Virginia, and thus began our efforts to prepare local law enforcement to protect public officials, judges, and candidates for office. That original class is the foundation for what is today the ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection Specialist Program. a thirty-two-day course broken down into seven modules specifically designed to prepare law enforcement and security specialists to conduct protective operations for elected officials, judges, candidates for office, corporate executives, and other VIPs.   

 Module one is our fully accredited seven-day course which focuses on the critical skills and procedures needed to serve on a detail, and which we will be conducting November 16th-22nd, 2020 at the MGM Grand Training Center in Maryland hosted by the MGM Security Department. Given the recent threats to elected officials and federal judges nationally we have further refined our curriculum to address those threats and updated our exercises and scenarios accordingly.        

 We encourage anyone interested in auditing a day of training to contact us at mparker@eptraining and guests are always welcome. Training officers from law enforcement are welcome to observe a class and we are always glad to provide materials you can bring back to your departments. 

We hope to see students from across the industry in November and look forward to working with you after graduation.

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