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Known to us simply as Deni, she is one of the most accomplished woman in the executive protection industry.  Ms. Zinxhiria is the the founder & CEO of Athena Worldwide LLC, the Athena Academy & Nannyguards® as well as a special adviser and adjunct instructor with the ISA training division. 

A highly motivated professional with over  14 years of experience in corporate security, Deni has taught for nationally known EP training schools in the US and in Europe. Just some of her special experience includes:
-Corporate Security.
-First Aid Trained (Greek Red Cross)
-Criminal Cells Link Analysis.
-HR and Employment Consulting skills.
-Threat & Risk Assessment.
-Surveillance Awareness.

And she speaks:


Ms. Zinxhiria is a special representative for the ISA Domestic Violence Action Network and does volunteer work for community and Non Profit Organizations that support the education and welfare of women and children minorities. Deni is committed to enhancing the education and training of woman in personal security and safety techniques. 


As the Chief Executive Officer of Athena Academy and Athena Worldwide LLC (Female Close Protection Operatives Training and Services) she has successfully overseen the operations and growth of her company. 

ATHENA Academy is a full service womens security oriented organization dedicated to addressing the training needs of womens self defense. Their focus is to teach women of all ages how to feel more confident and empowered in today’s urban environment. Additionally, ATHENA provides highly qualified female bodyguards to celebrities and captains of industry.

Ms. Zinxhiria as the CEO for NANNYGUARDS® and MANNYGUARDS®, oversees the world’s first hybrid nanny/manny security training and services program which is offered only by the Athena Academy. They provide nannies and mannies with an unparalleled level of situational awareness through intense training held at their training centers and jointly with the ISA training division.

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