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Ms. Cynthia Moy is a Federal Police Officer with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. She has been working as a first responder and in executive protection since 1990.

A fully certified law enforcement officer, Ms. Moy holds multiple weapon qualifications, is an OC Instructor, and has specialized training in active shooter incidents.

Ms. Moy is a graduate of the ISA dignitary and executive protection program as well as numerous law enforcement and first responder training programs including the police academy

A fully credentialed dignitary protection specialist, and holding a private investigators license, Ms. Moy has served on protective details in the private security field for agencies in Maryland and the Metro DC region.

Ms. Moy’s first passion has been as a medical first responder working as an EMT-B/Firefighter/Instructor/911 Dispatcher for private and municipal Police, Fire and EMS agencies, and as the primary instructor for the new EMT-B into medical system and company.

Certified in tactical combat casualty care Ms. Moy is also the senior ISA adjunct CPR/AED/First responder instructor, and the senior role player and evaluator for the dignitary and executive protection training programs.

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