COVID 19 Financial Hardship Grant for Executive Protection Training

  how to order Pregabalin The COVID 19 pandemic has taken a financial toll on our country as businesses have been forced to close their doors and the employees laid off. Security officers, private investigators, and contractors have all been affected by the weakened economy and many are still waiting for unemployment benefits. Yet bills keep coming in the mail every month as savings accounts get dangerously low on available funds and credit lines are maximized. 

 To try to help those who need to accredited executive protection training for job advancement or continuing education credits to keep a license or earn a state-issued credential we have several scholarships and tuition programs. Everything from special tuition plans for various organizations and associations such as houses of worship, the International Foundation for Protection Officers, the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators, and members of registered ASIS chapters to partial scholarships that cover up to 90% of the tuition. And we urge students to think about our group rates that may earn them free seats and over $1800.00 in savings for EP training.  Read more at  buy Lyrica online from mexico

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 We have always supported our friends in law enforcement, so for those officers that have decided that after the recent civil unrest and lack of support by the community they may feel it’s time for a career change, or for those officers assigned to protective assignments for elected officials we have continued our special tuition rate program and officers may earn in-service credits or hours.


For all others who may not qualify for one of our other scholarships or tuition programs, we have added the COVID 19 financial assistance grant. a $500.00 reduction in tuition for the Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Program. This grant will expire on September 1st, 2020, and may or may not be renewed. Please contact us for more information about this or our other programs or to apply for an ISA tuition plan for your organization.      


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