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A certificate from any program is barely worth the paper it’s printed on unless your training is accredited and recognized by industry or official regulatory authority.  ISA programs are fully accredited and recognized by state law enforcement and security regulatory agencies as well as approved for educational credit from institutions of high learning.

These programs include

Dignitary and Executive Protection

Terrorism and Extremism

Physical Security


Use of Force

Specialized Drivers and Medical Courses 

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Accreditation and Recognition

In 2014 ISA made vast strides in the accreditation of its training programs for law enforcement with the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council Approval on January 3, 2014, and the Department of Criminal Justice in Virginia in December.

In July 2014 the educational evaluation team of Henley Putnam University approved college credit for two programs, the 50 hours and 70-hour programs. This credit agreement granted up to 6 semester hours towards an undergraduate degree. Today our programs are undergoing updated evaluations for additional adult education and college credits. 

On 12 December 2014, ISA also received authorization to offer dignitary protection training approved for private security agents by the Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS) Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) program as an alternative training provider. 

In March 2016 the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board approved 12 continuing education credits for completion of the Introduction to Dignitary Protection course for private security, and in January 2019 the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy granted accreditation to the ISA 70+ Hour, Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course, approving it for law enforcement in-service training credit.

In January 2019 the Maryland Police Training Commission re-approved three training programs:

P27916 Terrorism Awareness and Community Policing

P27917 Dignitary & Executive Protection Specialist

P27918 Fundamentals of Protective Operations

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