Conflict International Sponsors ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection Training Programs

With Friends Like This

 Since 2011 when Independent Security Advisors LLC opened its new office in Maryland and our training division started offering classes to law enforcement and the military, we have sought out educational partners and affiliates that like us believed in going the extra mile for our clients and students.

 And towards that goal we have been extremely successful, having received endorsements, accreditations, certifications and educational recognition from industry non-profits, state agencies and regulatory bodies,

We have enjoyed a great relationship with law enforcement and institutions of higher learning and we have had individuals and companies come forward to sponsor and host programs as well as to mentor or hire graduates. 

 In 2018 we introduced scholarships funded by previous students, corporate partners and veteran groups who know and respect our programs and have hired our graduates. And we have added reduced tuition programs funded by Facebook groups, independent companies, and associations.  

 Equally important if not more so has been our student’s success with the networking help of these same sponsors after graduation,  and we are proud some of our students have joined fortune 100 companies, serve on protection details for executives, mayors, governors and other at-risk principles in the private sector.

 But this past August 12th to the 18th, 2019 from the campus of Barber-Scotia College @ISA conducted a dignitary and executive protection specialist course with a new corporate sponsor, and they made an impression on everyone by funding lunch for 7 days and covering the full lodging costs for a student. 

 Not only did they fund logistical needs, but Conflict International also helped with marketing the course, and in an impressive display of confidence in our program, they also enrolled one of their new employees. It’s one thing to throw some money into a marketing effort, but it’s totally something else to send employees to attend.

Who is Conflict International?

Conflict International is an established intelligence, investigation and surveillance agency with their headquarters based in Central London and with auxiliary offices in New York, Hong Kong, Marbella, and Cyprus.

They specialize in a wide variety of services and are highly experienced in the private, government and corporate sectors. The New York office specializes in complex criminal investigations including fraud, bribery, corruption, and theft, and is capable of handling special investigations such as organized crime, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, homicide, kidnap and ransom and human trafficking cases.  

 For private clients, Conflict has a range of services including surveillance, missing person cases, witness location and obtaining evidence for matrimonial and custody dispute. Other services include basic investigations, asset tracing, due diligence investigations, intellectual property protection, background checks, and witness interviews.  

 Conflict can also provide specialized technical teams that can advise on cybersecurity, computer forensics and TSCM (Electronic countermeasures and bug sweeps).

 Now acknowledging the importance of the types and ranges of services they provide to their clients, and they are impressive, we @ISA believe its Conflict Internationals intent of setting the highest professional standards within the industry and sharing its best practices openly with colleagues across the world that is what sets them apart, and why we are so honored for their sponsorship.

 In addition, Conflict International holds memberships with professional associations that include the World Association of Detectives, the Association of British Investigators; the only association endorsed by the Law Society, and The Institute of Professional Investigators. Other professional bodies they hold memberships include the American Society for Industrial Security of which its members are eligible for tuition reductions for ISA training programs.

 These are our professional affiliates, sponsors and program supporters. World-class companies like Conflict International and we are thankful for their confidence and for trusting us with the training of its team members.

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