Conflict International Awards Training Grant to the ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection Training Program

@ISA Selected to Receive Training Grant

When was the last time a commercial business supported an unaffiliated business with funding?

  Independent Security Advisors LLC @ISA is proud to announce Conflict International has awarded our training division a grant to support the Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course November 4th-10th, 2019, from the campus of the Safety and Security Institute and Police Academy Prince Georges Community College. 

For a commercial training company to be vetted, and then selected to receive a grant from a company with the reputation of Conflict International is an honor and one we intend to earn every day. And to fully understand the significance of this grant you must realize Conflict International isn’t a partner or affiliate of ISA, instead, they are an independent company with no financial ties to @ISA and this grant was awarded only after auditing our training course and vetting our instructors.

 Over the years, @ISA has worked with institutions of higher learning, police departments, training academies, and vendors to provide accredited training opportunities for federal and state agencies or departments, members of law enforcement, the military, veterans and those in the private security industry. These institutions and agencies have hosted training programs, supported marketing efforts, provided guest speakers, sponsored lunches and given swag to the students. 

 In 2018 scholarships funded by alumni and by corporate partners were approved for select applicants, and in 2019 we instituted new reduced tuition programs for specific Facebook groups, independent companies, and associations. All of these programs and scholarships are awarded based on specific criteria and merit and are subject to board approval.   

 But Conflict International said we want to show our support for the program as a whole and for all the students. So this grant will cover some logistical costs and lunch for all seven days of training.  And to ensure candidates from across the country have an opportunity to attend training in November CI has also agreed to help with marketing the course and if that wasn’t enough they will be reviewing resumes of the top 10% of our graduates.

 So if you have made a decision to enter the executive protection and security industry and true accredited training is on your wish list, review the curriculums, accreditations, and endorsements of the different training providers. But be sure you don’t limit your search to schools that are well marketed and known, but also consider those trainers that are respected and recognized within the industry and programs that receive or offer on behalf of their student’s grants, scholarships, and special tuition programs.   @executiveprotectiontraining, #executiveprotectiontraining


Who is Conflict International?

Conflict International is an established intelligence, investigation and surveillance agency with its headquarters based in Central London and with auxiliary offices in New York, Hong Kong, Marbella, and Cyprus.

They specialize in a wide variety of services and are highly experienced in the private, government and corporate sectors. The New York office alone specializes in complex criminal investigations including fraud, bribery, corruption, and theft, and is capable of handling special investigations such as organized crime, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, homicide, kidnap and ransom and human trafficking cases.  

 For private clients, Conflict has a range of services including surveillance, missing person cases, witness location and obtaining evidence for matrimonial and custody dispute. Other services include basic investigations, asset tracing, due diligence investigations, intellectual property protection, background checks, and witness interviews.  

 Conflict can also provide specialized technical teams that can advise on cybersecurity, computer forensics and TSCM (Electronic countermeasures and bug sweeps).

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