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How far can you go in today job market without a formal education??

In today’s job market companies are looking for candidates with both a formal education and specific accredited training. This means the time and money needed to attain or earn certifications, credentials, licenses, and permits may be wasted when the job seeker doesn’t have a college degree or educational certificate.

Is that fair? No, but many HR departments and hiring managers don’t understand the industry and simply cut and paste college requirements into the job posting. Others generally feel a well-rounded candidate will have a higher education to complement their training and experience. A feeling not without merit, but it does limit the opportunity’s for newer agents trying to get into the EP industry.  

To help our students stand out among all the other candidates and to assist with achieving their job goals, ISA joined with Henley-Putnam University as an alliance partner and started a program to assist students to earn a bachelor’s degree or educational certificate in Strategic Security and Protection Management.

The combination of the ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection training course with the Henley-Putnam web-based education program provided students with both, hands-on practical training, and the theoretical foundation of dignitary and executive protection that is lacking in many programs. In 2018 National American University took over Henley Putnam so our current program agreement is under review. 

Adult Continuing Education
ISA in partnership with Montgomery Community College offers adult continuing education credit to graduates. Please contact us for more information.

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