Charles “Chuck” Simpson, Owner/CEO of Protect Consultant Inc. a new ISA affiliate

ISA is proud to announce we have added a new friend and affiliate to the ISA network. 

ISA is always looking for industry peers to work with. But as a veteran-owned company, we are especially honored when we can work with fellow veteran business owners. Today we have added a fellow veteran and industry peer to our list of recommended professionals. 

Charles “Chuck” Simpson, MSG (RET)

Currently the Owner/CEO of Protect Consultant Inc., in Goodlettsville, TN. 

 Chuck has served this country for over 20 years and was assigned to some of the most elite units to ever exist. Both the 82nd Airborne Division & Long Range Surveillance Detachment of the 101st Airborne and he served as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer with both the 3rd  and 7th Special Force Groups where he advised and trained the United States Border Patrol, Department of State, Drug Enforcement Administration, foreign ministries, and U.S. Embassy country teams.

With another, 10 years of successful leadership experience in a variety of management and supervisory positions in the executive protection field, Chuck has also advised and trained, protection details and HRT teams, and multi-foreign countries.

When students ask us for a firearms instructor Chuck Simpson will be first on our list, and we look forward to working with him in the future. You can contact him at:

Charles “Chuck” Simpson, C.P.S
Protect Consultant Inc.
(910) 624-7671
(615) 420-6721

“De Oppresso Liber”

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