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**Please note: Official International, US Federal, State and security industry accreditation agencies have imposed strict regulatory requirements and standards of course conduct on the ISA training program. All curriculum’s, course testing procedures, training sessions and instructors credentials are vetted, regulated and subject to audit.**

Why is Accreditation is Important, Facts vs. Opinion

Much has been said on social media pages on the topic of accreditation vs. experience as it pertains to executive...

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ISA Receives New Accreditations

Independent Security Advisors LLC is proud to announce the Maryland Police & Corrections Training Commission has approved three ISA programs...

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North Carolina Private Protective Services Board

The purpose of the Private Protective Services Board is to administer the licensing, education and training requirements for persons, firms,...

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Endorsement by The International Foundation for Protection Officers

An international non-profit organization dedicated to the establishment and adherence to high standards of conduct and training by security practitioners....

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Law Enforcement In-Service Credit

Law Enforcement Accreditation and Recognition In March 2013 the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy granted accreditation to the ISA 50...

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Industry Certification Continuing Education Credit Provider

Corporate & Private Security Specialists: Security industry organizations with recognized certifications may require continuous education to maintain those certifications. Continued...

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Dignitary & Executive Protection Accredited Training Provider

Training Standards and Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protection Specialist Program ISA Instructors and training support cadre believe in high...

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