The First Baptist Church of Charlotte and House of Worship Security

On December 3rd to the 9th 2018, the First Baptist Church of Charlotte North Carolina will play host to a different kind of event.

 Starting at 0800 on Monday morning, Mr. Ron Mann the owner of Derecho Investigations of Charlotte will sponsor and co-host the Independent Security Advisors Dignitary & Executive Protection Training program from the classroom of the Family Life Center of the First Baptist Church.

With the increase in the number of shootings in houses of worship over the last two years, the most recent being the Tree of Life synagogue in Pennsylvania on Oct 27th, 2018. And the direct threats made to religious and administrative staff as well as to members of their congregations, it only seems appropriate that we train executive protection agents from this location.

With a full classroom, indoor gym and basketball court the students will train in a properly equipped and well-maintained facility, and they will be centered in an area of Charlotte with outstanding hands-on training locations. Hotels, convention center, recreational centers, professional buildings and all the infrastructure you would expect within a city environment. 

As with every class we conduct, a portion of the profits will be donated to charity, and this class will continue that tradition with donations to the Shriners Children’s hospital and the One Way Outreach Ministries 501c3 House of Worship Security Program.    

 Completely non-denominational, the One Way Outreach Ministries House of Worship program allows security specialists to work with all religious organizations providing physical security assessments, active shooter training, and staff safety training programs.

The Family Life Center is located in the heart of uptown Charlotte at 301 S. Davidson St and centered in the area most affected by the NBA All-Star game and Republican National Convention. Events this course is designed to prepare EP agents to support by providing protective services to visiting VIPs.

Across the street is the First Baptist Church which is only one of the locations students will use for threat assessments, advance work, operational planning, and live evaluations. If you are going to train to protect a client in all scenarios and environments then a house of worship is going to be one of the most difficult.   

If you are conducting security for a house of worship and its staff you are most welcome to attend this program. All denominations are welcome and we look forward to working with you.

To attend, visit and register on the home page. 

For additional information about this program please visit;

[email protected] 


Aerial view of the First Baptist Church Complex