2018 JKeenan Security & Protective Services Scholarship Winner Announced

The ISA Training Division is proud to announce the winner of the 2018 JKeenan Security & Protective Services Scholarship is Jane R. Whaley, RN, of Virginia.

 A former Emergency and Trauma Nurse in a large urban Level 1 Trauma Center, Ms. Whaley understands the critical importance of quickly responding to a medical emergency and she will bring her training and experience to the protection and care of her principle, as well as the detail.

 What won it for Jane were these comments in her application;

  1. “When treating everyone from indigent to VIPs needing emergent care”   To see and treat all people regardless of financial or social status as equal is in its self a testimony to her character.
  2. “This not only applied to patient care, but to the safety of myself, the team around me, and the patient”.   Jane clearly spells out the team concept so important in protective operations, and for these reasons, we are honored to have her attend training with us next week and to work with her in the future.

This scholarship was offered to ISA candidates by Mr. James Keenan, Owner at JKeenan Security and Protective Services in New York.

 Mr. Keenan brings over 25 years of combined security and law enforcement experience to the close protection industry and is himself an ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection training alumni.

Mr. Keenan personally recruits and trains every JKeenan security agent and he demands high character, integrity, and professionalism from every one of them. To have James offer this opportunity for someone just entering the close protection field to attend training with ISA was an extreme honor.

A person of integrity and character it’s not surprising James was able to see and recognize in Ms. Whaley the same qualities. We offer our heartfelt congratulations to the scholarship winner and to whomever she works for in the future.